Resource Guide

Here is a list of clients and friends that I would be happy to refer you to. Please feel free to contact them and don't forget to let them know where you got their name and number from. Thank you in advance!
  General Contractors
Steve Dolyniuk
General Contract Work
carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting etc.
Ph: 791-0609
Helen Chatzigiannis
General Contract Work, Painting, landscape design
Phone:  (204) 661-1423
A Better Plan
Janice Brolly
Renovations and Design
Rec rooms, kitchen, baths, windows and doors
Phone:  (204)-586-1374
Priority Restoration
Allan McIntosh
225 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg, MB  R3E 2K3
Phone:  (204)786-3344
Fax: (204)783-7173
  Home Stagers
Sharleen Slater
Accredited Staging Professional
The Final Stage
Ph: (204) 227-8159
Angie Kendel
Maximum Impact Plus
Ph:  204-791-3869
  Certified Home Inspectors
Pillar to Post
Tom van Leeuwen
Ph: (204) 771-3543
Fax: (204) 222-3807
Ameri Spec
Bruce Berven
Phone:  (204) 942-6390
Richard Olschewski
Olschewski & Feuer
5-1919 Henderson Highway
Winnipeg, MB
Ph: (204) 338-3957
Fax: (204) 947-9638
Singbeil & Sienstra Law Office
Darren Singbeil
2151 Henderson Highway
Winnipeg, MB  R2G 1P9
Phone:  (204) 339-9444
Fax:  (204) 339-8900
Robertson, Shypit, Soble and Wood
Jeff Shypit
202-1555 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, MB
R2M 3W2
Phone:  (204)257-6061
Fax:  (204)254-7183
  Wealth Advisors
Karen Kochan
Wealth and Investment Advisor
Associate Portfolio Manager
The HendersonKochanGroup
BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.
Ste. 1400-360 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z3
Ph: (204) 949-8999
Fax: (204) 957-1856
Toll Free: 1 (800) 506-0005
Stan J. Casar  B Comm (Hons)
Wealth Advisor
Scotia McLeod
501-200 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 3X2
Phone:  (204) 946-9251 (403) 561-2550 (800)-324-0266

  Web Developtment & Design

Jenny-Lynn Sheldon

(204) 290-2919
AlleyCat All night Printing & Design
Kim and Al Palmer
Ph. & Fax: (204) 255-5720
Riverbend Studio 4 Hair
Unit 8-2605 Main St.
Ph: (204) 339-1420
  Personal Insurance
Tom Ewanchyshyn
Olympia Brokerage Inc.
Phone: (204) 949-0990
Cell: (204) 792-1369
  Plumbing and Heating
Brad Young
Softener Salt, Installations, plumbing and more!
Cell: (204) 333-9354
AFM Plumbing and Heating
Daniel Boissonneault
Phone:  (204)231-4664
Fax: (204)233-8207
  Las Vegas Realtor
Dale Zavislak
Las Vegas Realtor
Cell: 1-702-994-7527
  Book Keeping and Tax Accountant
Phyllis Mikolajek
Integrity Business Services
Small Business Accounting, Income Tax, software training
Ph: (204) 334-1301
Joe Travassos
Azores Upholstery Ltd
955 Alexander Avenue
Ph: (204) 774-1516
Cell: (204) 795-2211
  Window Repairs
Window Medics
Jeff and Claire Corley
Ph: (204) 781-6363
  House Cleaning

Merry Maids

205-96 Sherbrook Street

Winnipeg, MB  R3C 2B3


Phone:  204-414-9070

Fax:  (204) 414-9219


Claudia Earl

Downsizing Specialist

Clutter removal, packing, unpacking, moving, cleaning, organizing, recycling, donating

One call and we do it all!

Phone:  (204)979-4285





Lauren Cooke

Moving, packing, unpacking

Phone:  (204)487-7949

Cell:  (204) 771-6644



  Manitoba Hydro Home Insulation Program

Home Insulation Program


A well-insulated home uses less energy. That means lower heating and cooling costs and less environmental impact.

Our Home Insulation Program offers information and rebates to homeowners who add insulation to their existing home. Eligible homeowners may receive a portion of the insulation cost. Follow these three steps to start saving:

  1. Qualify.
  2. Insulate.
  3. Get a rebate.

To qualify for the rebate:

  Manitoba Hydro Home Water Saving Program

Water & Energy Savings


Up to 20 per cent of your energy bill can be from heating your water. Install Power Smart low-flow plumbing devices in your home to reduce both water and energy consumption.

Through our Power Smart Water and Energy Saver Program, we offer free Power Smart Water and Energy Saver Kits that will help you save water and energy, while reducing your carbon footprint. Each kit contains:

  • 1–2 low-flow showerheads;
  • 2 low-flow faucet aerators;
  • 3 metres of water heater pipe wrap;
  • Teflon tape;
  • water heater temperature gauge;
  • refrigerator/freezer thermometer.

The Water and Energy Saver Kit can save you approximately $27 a year on your residential energy bill. How to take part.


Laura Jensen

Mortgage Specialist

Royal Bank of Canada

Cell:  (204)470-6424






  Home Insurance

Kildonan Insurnace Agency Ltd.

Homeowners, Tenant, Autopac, Watercraft and Cottage Insurance

F-27 Red River Blvd West

Winnipeg, MB  R2V 4E2


Phone:  (204)338-0721

Fax:  (204)338-1499

  Basement Specialists

Basement Systems Winnipeg

Anthony Malanchuk


120 Paramount Road

Winnipeg, MB  R2X 2W3

Phone:  (204) 339-7219

Fax:  (204) 338-1244



  Government of Manitoba Home Owner Guide for Grants and Programs
  First Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit